Olympics for Kids: Olympic Torch Painting Projects

We have been exploring the symbols of the Olympics at our house this week.We started with the Fruit Filled Olympic Ring last Monday. Then we moved on the Olympic Torch. We did two painting project using the Olympic torch.

The first paint project involved using flame shaped sponges to create different colored flickers of flame on orange paper.

I had planned on using red and yellow paint for this project. JDaniel pointed out that flames can burn things and cause them to be black. He though we needed to make black flames too.

I have to confess the idea of using black paint at the beginning didn’t seem like a great idea, but I was wrong the black paint made really pretty flame flickers.

When the paint had dried, I cut flame shapes out of our drawing. We then glued them onto a brown torch made out of a old envelope.

Later we glued the torch to black paper. The layering of paint colors contrasts well with the black paper and really add to the flickering effect we were trying to get on the flames.

The second project using a torch like painting tool was more fun to create then the final product would show. I don’t think I used enough paint in the paint and water mixture.

I wrapped a paper towel around a kitchen spoon and then secured the towel to the spoon with twist ties from loaves of bread.

We then dipped the spoon into several different colors of paint mixed with water. Once we had finished dipping the torch like painting tool into the paint, we took the twist ties of and set the paper towel out to dry.

As you can see, the colored paint really only took hold on a few of the edges. The torch should have been dipped in darker colors for a longer period of time for this to really turn out well.

We did have fun creating this project. I guess that sometimes it is  fun to just enjoy the process of creating art even if the final product turned out differently then you thought it would.


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    Absolutely for children it is all about the process not the product. We are so excited for the Olympics here. So many fun events for the whole family to watch!

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    Such fun projects! I love how JDaniel came up with the idea of using black . . . such a thinker :)

    We have colored paper towel before, too. One year after coloring Easter Eggs my son didn’t want to just get rid of the coloring. We folded and dipped the edges of paper towel in it and made tie-dye paper towels! It was fun and they looked pretty, but we didn’t really do anything with them.

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    So cute! And what a good idea to paint it first then cut them into the shapes. I think I would have done it the other way around and it would have been more messy. Good thinking!


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