Creating a Tide Pool at the Beach- Read.Explore.Learn.

The book I want to share with you this week Life in a Tide Pool by Allan Fowler.  JDaniel loves reading about animal life and I thought it would be wonderful to find an easy reader on beach life for us to look over together.

When we were at the beach we built our own tide pool.

We had to start by digging a big hole in a flat part of the beach. Actually I started digging a hole on an incline and it wasn’t working. My husband suggested that we move to a different part of the beach.

We dug deeper and wider until the whole was big enough to line with an plastic tablecloth. The tablecloth was folded in half after we had finished the project we decided that we should have unfolded it to have a larger areas outside of the hole to cover  with sand.With the tablecloth folded in half the tablecloth started to pull inwards as we added water to the tide pool.

When you decide to build a tide pool you really need to bring the big sand buckets down from your hotel room. We tried using a small turtle watering can and a sandcastle making container, but it was taking forever to fill the tide pool up.

Just a few feet away from us was a family building sandcastles with many buckets. I went over and asked them if we could borrow one for a few minutes. Thankfully they said that we could. It made filling the tide pool up much easier.

The water was very shallow that morning so I had to take the bucket out a distance to fill it.

Once the tide pool was filled with enough water, JDaniel decided that we needed to add shells and sand to it. The beauty of a tide pool with a liner is that the water doesn’t get absorbed back into the sand the way a regular sand hole does.

When the sand and shells had been added, JDaniel announced that the tide pool needed a creature in it. Guess what creature it needed? Apparently this tide pool is the home of a human being in a bug repellant hat and a green wrist band.
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What have you been doing with books the week?


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    I will be adding that book to our library list. We have been doing a lot with books related to where animals live and Wild Thing really loves stuff about the ocean animals. I will be posting all next week about our habitat activities! I will definitely share this book and your wonderful beach experience.

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    I totally need that book! thank you for sharing – our week included tidal pools also but no book to go with it – we did do a book about deer in the woods – and some drawing to go with it. BTW – I have a link up for recipes on Tues – I’d love for you to link to it (saw your cute little muffin tin lunch below) It’s open all week. “Kids in the Kitchen” – encouraging families to cook and eat together/spending time in the kitchen . . .

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    Now I know I need to bring a table cloth next time we go to the beach. The kids always try so hard to get water to stay in their hole.

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    We love doing this! Although we don’t bring a tarp but just dig a hole near the waters edge. The kids play in it all day. My favorite place is visiting my in-laws in Maine. A beach called Old Orchard, the tide goes way out and there are tidal pools and little rivers everywhere filled with litter treasures!

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    I’m going to do this the next time we are at the beach. It would be great for babies and toddlers who are afraid of the waves. I love this hands on experience you gave him along with the book!

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