100 Days of Play: Party Blower Frog Catching Game

Party Blog Frog Catching Game

Watching frogs stretch out their tongues to reach out and grab a passing fly is fascinating. We have really only seen it shown in slow motion in an animal documentary at my house. It was so cool to see that the frog’s tongue is able to keep the fly attached to it as the frog  drew it in to enjoy. Trying to catch flies with a party blower in a frog catching game may be the closest thing we have to experiencing the thrill the frog has as he gathers his lunch.

How did we put together this activity?

Flies were printed off the internet and cut out. We used construction paper because it is heavy enough  to support a Velcro spot and light enough to be lifted off the kitchen table by the party blower frog tongue. .

We took round  sticky backed Velcro spots and put the side that has the hook on it on to the end of party blowers facing down.

Then we took round sticky backed Velcro spots with loops and placed them on the flies.

Directions for Catching the Flies

Catching a Fly

We found that it is easiest to blow the party blower horizontal to the table. There are many other ways to try. You could try to blow the party blower straight down. You may try to blow the blower at an angle down onto the fly. You may come up with a way that we didn’t even think off.

Catching a Fly

The technique you choose may depend on the height of the person blowing, the height of the table and the length of the blower.  It really was fun to try several different ways to connect the blower with the fly.

If you blow your blower to hard, the breeze coming from the blower can send the flies skidding across the table.

Fly is caught on Velcro on the Blower

Once you find the technique that works for you, you may want to see how fast you can capture the group of flies on the table.  We found that some flies cooperated in being a part of the party blower frog catching game and others frustrated us.

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    This has got to be one of the coolest ideas ever!!! What fun!! Thanks for sharing such a great, unique idea for our 100 Days of Play! I have linked and shared your post everywhere you will find the 100 Days of Play! Thank you!!

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    Deirdre, This is a wonderful activity for enhancing visual skills, as blowing on a straw or one of these party blowers at an object close by works the convergence skills and accommodation skills! I love to use the straw and cotton ball race activity in my clinic; but I will be using this one very soon as well! The children will love it! Thanks for sharing. Pinned and shared with my readers, as well!


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