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Welcome to week three of the Read. Explore. Learn Summer Reading Challenge- August! This meme was designed to be a place for you to share the learning opportunities, crafts, field trips, and other activities you have done this week that tie-in to children’s books. I look forward to seeing ways you have learned with and explored books.

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    My Book Tie-Ins of the Week:

    JDaniel will start preschool in a week and a half so, I decided to find some books on preschool. I am going to share one  them this week and two next week.

    This week’s book is called Ready, Set, Preschool and is by Anna Jane Hays. The book reviews many of the concepts Jdaniel will be learning about in school and was a great way for him to see what school will be about. We went through the book a couple pages at a time and talked about everything on them.

    What does the book cover?

    Learning to write your name


    What you will find in a preschool room



    Getting Dressed


    Meeting new friends

    Getting new shoes

    Parts of the body

    And so much more…

    I felt comfortable going through the book with JDaniel on my own, but the book does contain tips on how to work on each page.

    This is such a great learning tool. I really loved the illustrations and the clean lines of each page.

    What did we do?

    Letters in Your Name Cookies
    One of the things I have been working on with JDaniel is knowing the letters of his name.

    I decided we would practice the letters in cookies. I printed out JDaniel’s name and we looked for cookie cutters that matched the letters. We did the same thing with the boy next door’s name, because he was over for over at our house.


    Then we made sugar cookies that spelled out our names. Nathan loved cutting out the cookies. JDaniel loved eating the mix.


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    1. says

      What a cool book – I looked really hard for a specifically preschool starting school book when B started last year – didn’t find this one. I’ll have to note it (and find it again) for when T starts!

    2. says

      We have some letter cookie cutters but I haven’t used them yet! Tsk, tsk. I wasn’t sure if the cookies would turn out readable. My son starts preschool this year, too. We’ve been practicing his name with the letters that came with his LeapFrog Fridge Phonics.

    3. says

      I remember reading this book when Anna was starting her preschool. We even copied My Name is Anna story from that book and it’s hanging in our office. Good luck in starting preschool – what a big step!

    4. says

      That sounds like a wonderful book! I love the name cookies1 How exciting!

      Oops! that reminds me we have not done any book + craft activity last two weeks!

      All the best to Jdaniel! So how do you feel about Jdaniel starting preschool? I was all in tears when my daughter went to preschool first time and she was like mom “I’m ok”

    5. says

      It’s great that you’re reading that book to JDaniel before he starts preschool! I always found those sorts of books very helpful when children have to encounter new experiences. And I love the letters-in-your-name cookies! :) Deb @


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