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    My Book Tie-Ins of the Week:

    This wonderful book  An Orange in January follows the travels of an orange as it makes its way to a boy’s home. I love the warm pictures in this book and the opportunity to share how food gets to our table.

    We really loved getting to read about how one of JDaniel’s favorite foods gets to our house. We also loved the boy’s brainstorming at the end of the book as to what you could use an orange to do ie: juggle with one.

    What did we do?


    We took out our atlas and looked for Peru. Peru is the homeplace of the oranges we purchased from the grocery store

    Craft- Making Orange Circle into Something

    I put out  paper with orange circles glued on them and had JDaniel transform the circles into something else.

    Orange circles randomly glued onto blue paper

    JDaniel was telling me about what he was coloring while he colored.
    This picture is of a bouncy ball with green spikes on it.  Beside the ball is a robot with his legs tucked up under him so you can’t see them.
    This picture is of a worm and two bugs coming out of a hole that is beside some grass. It is a sunny day!
    This is my idea of what a giraffe looks like.

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    1. says

      My boys love oranges too. I’ve never heard of this book, but I think they would like it. I love how you gave him his creative liberty with the orange circle!

    2. says

      What a great fun activity! I’ve been trying to come up with new ways to entertain and teach the kids something while the freezing cold has us indoors. Linking the oranges from the grocery store, to mapping, to crafting = brilliant!

    3. says

      This is a very clever idea and you could do it with other shapes too! Love the bug and your giraffe!

      Thanks so much for linking to Family Frolics! Hope to see your posts again!

    4. says

      That’s funny, because of course after reading that book I think I would have immediately made that orange circle into an orange. I love how out of the box original both of you were!

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