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We spent time this week reading and exploring books about bats. JDaniel and I really love the book Baby Bat’s Lullaby by Julia Noonan. We spend a lot of time together just the way the mother and child bat do in this book.  The mother bat shares with her child many of the things he does during the day that make him special.

This lovely book’s words flow as you read and the rhyming text draws you into their day. I love how the mother bat loves her baby. The pictures and the words both share that message.

What did we do to explore this book?

Bat Text Guide

Tool for Young Readers

I created a bat text guide for JDaniel to use while we read the book.  We used the guide in several different ways. His first  job to turn the guide sideways and pull in under the text as I read the story.

JDaniel’s second was to go through the book with me and look for action words in the story a second time.

Next he had to help me look for rhyming words.
If you are looking for more information on using a  reading guide or viewer, you will find some on this post I wrote for the Kid’s Activities Blog called Simple and Fun Strategies for Reading.

Stained Glass Bats

I cut out bats and added shape cutouts to the bats. There was a rectangle bat, a circle  bat and a triangle bat. JDaniel’s job was to cut out tissue paper squares to use for the bats.

When we both had our parts of the craft ready, JDaniel glued the tissue paper squares to the back of the bats covering the shape cutouts I had made.

Alphabet Bats

Letters of the Alphabet on Bats Hanging from a Tomato Cage

JDaniel was given some bats with alphabet letters on their tummies. He was asked to hang them on a tomato cage so the letter would be facing the right direction. The bats have clothes pins glued to the back of them to allow them to be attached to the tomato cage.
Hanging Up a Letter Bat on the Tomato Cage

Here are some wonderful book exploration posts from last week:

I love the elephant Living Life Intentionally create to go with the book Elmer.
E is for Elephant from Living Life Intentionally
Reading Confetti created an amazing paper Light Up Pumpkin to go with the book Spooky Boo!
Light Up Pumpkin from Reading Confetti

How have you been exploring books this week?

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  1. says

    The stained glass bats are cute! I’ve seen it done with apples and pumpkins.. but I guess the sky is the limit when doing something like that. I wouldn’t mind those bats ‘flying’ in our house : )

    I linked up our own bat craft to go along with Gail Gibbons, “Bats” book. Have a great weekend!

  2. says

    Aren’t those stained glass bats so cute!!?!? I love your review, it introduced me to new ideas and stuff! I will also join the hop because there seems to be great posts out there too!

  3. says

    those bats are too cool… the teacher did a candy corn game today matching the letters… it was neat and showed me that we need to work on Broxtons lowercase letters…

  4. says

    Looks like some fun crafts. When my son was in preschool we cut out bats and taped them onto mini KitKat bars for the Halloween party. After the kids ate the candy they could stick a couple of fingers in the wrapper and move it up and down causing the wings to flap!

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