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Welcome to week three of the Read. Explore. Learn Summer Reading Challenge! This meme was designed to be a place for you to share the learning opportunities, crafts, field trips, and other activities you have done this week that tie-in to children’s books. I look forward to seeing ways you have learned with and explored books. Remember each post you link up counts as an entry in the the June edition of the Summer Reading Challenge.


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    My Book Tie-Ins of the Week:

Shark vs. Train by Chris Barton is such fun. Two little boys begin the book by taking toys that they will create contests for from their toy box. They select a shark and train.

The train and shark are tested in contests that take one or both of them out of their element. There is a swim in the ocean, a train car pull, roasting marshmallow, shooting baskets, running a lemonade stand and about nine more activities. Some are easy wins for the shark or the train and some challenges are tough for both of them.

Finally the book ends with the boys being called to lunch and the toys being tossed back into the toy box.

JDaniel loved the conversation bubbles that appeared on some of the pages. At first I thought they represented the words the boys are saying to each other while they are playing. At the end of the story the shark and train are still talking in the toy box about who will eventually beat who.

What did we do?

Water Play

 JDaniel had his friends over for playgroup.

Shark Melon

I found this amazing shark melon on It’s Playtime! on Quirky Momma  that was linked to a wonderful tutorial by Sun Scholars.
When I saw it, I knew it was perfect for playgroup!
 Shark Vs. Train Challenge

Cleaning a stepstool with a super water gun should have been a challenge in the book.
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  1. says

    I wish I could come to your house and play..everyday.. You are such a clever rabbit~!
    I love the shark idea, very cute and looks so delicious. I’ll have to check out that book at the library for Ben, my grandson. He has a shark shirt that he can wear while reading him the story.
    ta ta for now from Iowa.. Have a Blessed Day~!

  2. says

    We heard this book for the first time at library story hour last summer. Really loved it! Your watermelon looks awesome.

    How did JDaniel like his swag? I’m guessing the truck was a huge hit?!

  3. says

    We are a big fan of that book too! R didn’t want to take it back to the library. Haha. I *love* your watermelon shark! That would be great for any day. Hehe.

  4. says

    I am in agreement with all of the others that the shark is amazing! We will have to look into some learning activities to tie into cooking. There are several books I keep meaning to cook something from. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. says

    I love that shark watermelon SO MUCH. My twins are totally into sharks at the moment, not to mention they love watermelon . . . Perfect!

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