Father’s Day Craft- Walking In My Father’s Shoes


Father’s Day is such a wonderful day to celebrate. I wanted to create a Father’s Day craft that would capture a memory and  carry a message of how much JDaniel loves his dad. The idea I came up with was a craft I am calling Walking In My Father’s Shoes.

When JDaniel was little he would put his little feet into him father’s shoes and stomp or shuffle around the house. He had to stomp or shuffle. My husband’s shoes were heavy and way to big for him. Yet he loved to slip his feet into them. There was something wonderful about putting on his dad shoes and trying to walk in them.

If JDaniel grew up to be like his father and chose to walk a path similar to him, I would be thrilled. They are very similar already due to DNA and life experience. Seeing JDaniel grow into even more of who his father is would be wonderful. (I  am not saying he shouldn’t be his own person. Just that his dad has wonderful qualities.)

How did we make it?

  1. We painted the bottom of an old pair of  my husband’s sneakers with blue paint and carefully placed the shoe onto paper. We had to pressed the sole of the shoe from the inside to make as deep a print as he could. Rocking the shoe back and forth seemed to help.


  • After the shoe print dried, I painted the bottom of  JDaniel’s foot green. Then I helped him place his footprint on the paper.
  • The next step will be to print out the words Some Day I Want To Walk In Your Shoes on a larger piece of paper and put a frame around it.   We haven’t done that yet so, I made a mock up on PicMonkey of what it will look like.


This simple Father’s Day craft would be so easy for you to put together. I bet you have child that loves to walk in his father’s shoes.


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    My husband just walked past as I was reading this and loved it! He asked if we wanted to do it for him for Father’s Day, so I’d say it’s a hit! Thanks for sharing.

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    Oh that is so cute! And something the dad can really cherish. Many people think the dad’s aren’t really into things like this, but that’s not true. They can be sentimental with their kids too!

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    Oh – I love this – and was thinking about how to do it with all the boys – and then I realized – oh, wait – 3 have bigger feet than their dad! LOL I did a card like this one time for someone we loved who lived far away – and we did hands and feet that said, ‘Since we couldn’t come to visit – we sent our hands and feet to show you how much we love you.”

    I’m still trying to think of a way to do this with the too large feet – let me know if you have any out of the box ideas!

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    This is the cutest gift idea ever! Both my boys love wearing their dad’s shoes (and hats, and whatnot)…great gift, definitely.

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    I LOVE this idea! I’m sure there’s also a great poem out there about walking in your father’s shoes that would go great with it. Thank you!

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    This might be the coolest father’s day gift I have ever seen! So going to make this from my son to his father! I’ve pinned it, I’m about to tweet it! AND wanted to thank you for linking up with Pin It! Tuesday! Hope you’ll come back next week and share our button to help us grow! Thanks!

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    What a great idea! I love it! I paid someone to do this with just the kids footprints a long time ago. It was a business where they did parties and put together adorable matted picture. :)

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    What a great idea. I really enjoyed reading this post. I have a 10 month old daughter, but will definitely be forwarding this over to my brother who has a 3 month old baby boy. Thank you again.

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    What type of paint did you use? And have you “matted” the foot print picture and then having the words printed out on the mat? I was actually thinking of having my son write the words out, and then I would go back over it with black paint. Thanks for the great idea! My son is very excited to do this for his step-father.


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