{Learning Activities} 19 Ways To Use A Zigzag Learning Maze

Tape maze on the floor
Sometimes you sit down and plan an activity you will be doing with your children. You brainstorm what you will do during the activity along with alternative ways you can use it. There are other times you just grab a roll of tape and see what you can make with it.  That is just what happened with this zigzag learning maze. When I sat on the floor with roll of tape I had no idea what the maze would look like and no idea of how we would use it.
Boy, have we found wonderful ways to use this zigzag learning maze! Actually we found 19 ways to use this zigzag learning maze.

Here are some ways we have used the walkway we created:

Walking the Maze
Movement Activities

We started by simply walking up and down the center of the pathway by placing one foot in front of the other. JDaniel doesn’t usually walk this so it took at little practice.

Walking the pathway backwards was even more of a challenge.  When you are looking, back your feet can sometimes step off the path without meaning too.

Trying to walk on the tape down one side of the pathway and back on the other side took a little bit of concentration.

Jumping from one side of the path to the other was easy in areas where the pathway was narrow, but was harder in the wide areas.

Challenging a partner to move down the path in a certain way was a lot of fun. Skipping, hopping, galloping, sliding, and tiptoeing down the path were each offered up as challenges.

Timing which of us could move down the path the fastest and the slowest was also fun.  Walking in slow motion inspires one to move the rest of your body in slow motion too.  That can bring on a lot of giggles and stifled laughs.

Throwing a beanbag into a particular corner selected by an opponent can be quite challenging.

Tape Car Track

Pretend Play

The edge of the pathway can be lined with block shaped buildings or cardboard boxes from the recycling bin.

Toy cars can race through the maze pushed from behind by people ready to get the checkered flag.

Balls can be rolled through the pathway like pinballs zinging and pinging through a maze.

The pathway can become a waterway for bathtub boats. The corners and dead ends can be inlets off a mighty river.

Ordering Numbers

Learning Activities

Numbers can put in the corners by a child in ascending order.
Once number cards have been put in place, a child could walk to each number and clap that number of times.

Sight words can be placed along the path. In order to pick up the card the word on the card would  need to be read.

Colored pom poms could be spread along the path to be picked up with chopsticks. Before the pom pom was picked up, the child would have to tell you the color of the pom pom or the answer to a learning question.
Two players could take turns rolling a die to see how many steps they could take down the path.
Books could be used to fill up all the space on the pathway and they would then be counted.

The pathway could be the home to a giant concentration game. The cards could be spread out along the path. Children could walk up and down the path looking for matches.

Washcloths could be used to fill in the path. They could then be counted to find the area of the path.

What are some other ways we could learning using the zigzag pathway?

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    What a wonderful way of teaching your child. I never tried a zig zag pathway but come to think of it it is not as easy as it looks I think. WEll done, you are a super mom.

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    I love all of these ideas! My kids have so much fun making tracks with tape and would like to try these. They’re favorite thing to do is race cars on the tracks they make.

    Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired

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    What a cool, cool, idea!

    We don’t have our wide wall hallways anymore but I’m going to share this with my daughter! She has a little one and wood floors and I bet she would love to try this one day!

    Thanks for zis fun link for the letter “Z”.



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